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Premium Quality English Saddle

A few words about English Saddle

What is English Saddle?

The English Saddle is a long-time favorite in the world of English riding disciplines. Its unique design, which allows for great freedom of movement for the horse, makes it a favorite among riders who demonstrate great interest in these disciplines. There are many different English riding disciplines that require variations in saddle design to meet the needs of a particular discipline.

Introducing our English Saddle for sale. Well-made and super lightweight, this saddle will be the perfect addition to your stable.

This English saddle was designed to give the horse freedom of movement while carrying the rider comfortably. Even if you are not riding dressage, this is an excellent choice for many disciplines that require a close contact between the horse and rider. This English saddle is designed for comfort and maneuverability and built for years of use. It's available in a variety of colors and costs less than your first car!

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The English saddle is made without the high cantle and pommel of Western saddles, which restricts the horse's movement over jumps and in turns. Its seat is narrow and flat with a grippy leather cover, allowing for deep seating and secure contact. The leather seat has two flaps that fit firmly against each side of the horse's back, supporting your movements from side to side as well as up and down, thus giving your horse more freedom of movement than other saddles.

This English Saddle for sale is a high quality, sturdy and safe product. If you’re looking to buy a new saddle and improve the quality of your riding, this is the perfect one for you!

The English Saddle is a saddle designed specifically for the equestrian disciplines of hunting and dressage. It differs from the Western or Australian saddle in that it has less padding and a horn, which is absent on these saddles.

The horse's movement is unfettered, with stirrup leathers or girths running to the front of the saddle and not over the highest part of the back as in some Western styles.

If you are an English rider, or just want to immerse yourself in the style of riding then this is the saddle for you. Featuring a deep seat but still allowing freedom of movement for your horse, it is made from good quality leather that is soft and flexible, ensuring comfort for both horse and rider.

What type of material was used in the construction of the English Saddle?

English Saddle for sale in English riding style. Animal leather is used for all panels, seats, and flaps. Woolen flock is still desirable on higher quality saddles. Synthetic materials including foam are used on lower-priced saddles.

Built on a solid tree, the English saddle is based on the same four basic points of support as the Western saddle, but differs in its shape and size. An English saddle is comfortable to ride in once the rider has acclimated to its bulkier design, which can sometimes feel clumsy when compared to a Western saddle.

A traditional English saddle is a firm seat, with very little padding. The double rigging allows adjustment of the seat position with two sets of side girths and two sets of stirrup leathers. Because of the double rigging and solid tree, English saddles are often more comfortable for some horses than western saddles. They come in both jumping models and dressage models.

If you love riding English, here is a great English saddle for sale. Made of high-quality materials, the English saddle has a padded seat, cantle, and knee rolls that are all meant to give the rider more comfort when sitting on the saddle. The high-quality leather straps and buckles with brass or stainless steel buckles ensure durability which will last for years.

The English saddle is the most common style used today, and it has been in use for over 1,000 years. It features a leather seat, flaps, and knee pads. Because of this, saddles have become an integral part of many cultures around the world.

Some parts of the English saddle

  • Tree
  • Panels
  • Gullet
  • Seat
  • Pommel
  • Cantle
  • Waist or Twist
  • Skirt or Jockey
  • Saddle flap
  • Sweat flap
  • Billets or points
  • Girth Buckle guard
  • Knee roll
  • Thigh roll
  • Calf block
  • Stirrup
  • Stirrup Bar
  • Iron
  • Leather
  • Stirrup leather keeper
  • D-ring or Staple